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Payara Accelerator

Consultancy Services

Payara Support customers can also benefit from Payara Accelerator, our consultancy services. Expert consultants customize solutions to meet your needs with on-premise and remote consultancy options. Designed to accelerate your Payara Platform deployment, migration, or business growth through infrastructure improvements, Payara Accelerator services include (but are not limited to):


Payara Accelerator provides hands-on guidance and assessments to ensure your migration from GlassFish or other application servers to the Payara Platform is a success, no matter where you are in your migration journey. We create migration roadmaps to lead your organization from where you are now – to where you want to be after the migration is complete.

Payara Platform Application Server Upgrade

A 10-year support lifecycle ensures the longevity of your Payara Platform investment and stability of your production environment. But when it’s time to upgrade to the latest version of the Payara Platform, our engineers take you through the process with minimal downtime.

Health Checks

Typically lasting two to five days, our Health Checks provide a systematic review of your architecture, Payara subsystems and the functionality of your applications. A Health Check  delivers stability and increased performance.

Our Health Checks process includes:

  1. Discovery investigation
  2. Review and testing
  3. Full report of findings and recommendations to improve your Payara Platform production environment

Configuration Reviews

Moving the application environment from development to production can cause stability and performance problems.

Payara Accelerator can assess your business-critical Payara Platform environment review your configuration to provide a solution designed for optimization. A typical configuration review engagement involves:

  • Troubleshooting live-issues
  • Assessing current architecture for limitations
  • Creating customized configuration solutions

Our consultants work alongside your team to help your environment perform as seamlessly in production as it did in development (or better!)


Payara Accelerator monitoring strategies help you stay in control of your infrastructure and safeguard your Payara Platform infrastructure to reduce risks for system failures.

The monitoring process involves:

  • Assessment of your existing approach to monitoring
  • Identifying compromised areas
  • Implementing a monitoring solution that tackles immediate issues and puts monitoring alerts in place

Performance Tuning

Complex production environments often require adjustments to deliver their full operational potential.

Payara Accelerator provides a complex testing and assessment solution that ensures you’re running at peak performance. Working alongside your in-house team, Payara Accelerator can swiftly identify bottlenecks and make the necessary adjustments to eliminate them and improve overall performance.


No matter how well you tune and test your system, business-critical issues can arise when you least expect it, threatening business continuity, customer retention and revenue.

In a constantly changing technology landscape, when issues arise in production it can be hard to know the best way to overcome them and still maintain stability. With years of experience both working with the Payara Platform and resolving root-causes of complex performance issues, the Payara Accelerator team can provide a comprehensive solution, delivered with confidence and authority.

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Consultancy Pricing

StandardScheduled 3 days in advance. Work to be done remotely.$400 per hour
On SiteConsultants working on site.$3500 per day

Standard: Scheduled 3 days in advance.

All prices listed are in USD. Consultancy Services are available to current Payara Support customers only.

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